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 Our Services 

Private Party


At Rowland Investigations we specialize in helping the common person with un-common problems. While some Investigators focus on the corporate customers like insurance companies and large businesses, we focus on helping people like you who have found themselves in the uncomfortable position of needing some additional information but not knowing how to get it. We understand that you don't have unlimited resources. We'll work with you to develop a plan to get that information at a price you can afford.

 General Surveillance / Divorce / Domestic Investigations / Child Custody / Missing Persons


Attorney Services


We are experts at finding evidence and witnesses that will assist you in proving your case. We re-interview witnesses for opposing counsel and obtain statements to corroborate or refute what they have previously told the investigator from the other side. We dig for new evidence and find new witnesses to support your client's position. We take photographs and provide expert testimony when necessary.

 Witness location and interviews / Photographs to prove or refute testimony / Scene analysis


Skip Tracing - Missing or hiding persons


We have an extensive network of information providers and resources to locate people that no one else can find. We don't just check databases, we interview neighbors, co-workers and former friends to find your missing person. In many cases we can  provide you with information concerning the current employer, phone number and friends of your missing  or hiding person.

 Due diligence service / Lost friends or relatives / Hiding persons or fugitives


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