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Uncovering the facts...for your benefit 

Your peace of mind at an affordable price

Sometimes you just have to know the truth. At times like these, an experienced Private Investigator can provide you with the facts you need to make informed decisions about your future. We will work with you to develop a case strategy that provides for the maximum amount of information at the lowest possible cost to you.






 Missing Persons -

Skip Tracing 


Has someone dissapeared that you desperately need to find? Call us.

Finding people is our specialty. Both local and national cases.


  Business Theft 


No stone left unturned to determine who is taking your valuable equipment or inventory. We use advanced technology combined with old fashioned detective work.

Asset Discovery


Do you have a judgment against someone who owes you a lot of money? Need help finding their bank accounts, place of employment or assets you can attach? Call us. We do it everyday.

 Records Research 


Do you need to know a little bit more about someone before you can make a decision? Criminal and civil records checks, bankruptcies and judgments, known associates and much more. Nationwide access to records.

Domestic Affairs 


Is your partner being unfaithful?

Are the children safe when they are away for visitaion? Discreet surveillance available. Spousal infidelity and child custody issues investigated.





Do you need photos or video to prove your case?


My daughter was missing and I reported it to the Police. They looked for her for two months but didn't find her. I hired Mitch and he found her in 48 hours. She was returned home safely.


Maria G.


Mitch is an experienced investigator who has assisted me on many cases. He is always professional and thorough. I can count on him to provide me with the facts I need to properly represent my client.


Joseph N.

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